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My (apparent lack of) peppiness as a helpful comparison for lack of student achievement

Every morning, all the City Year people at my school stand outside for half an hour as students arrive in the morning and greet them with various chants and cheers designed to get them excited about their day and to … Continue reading

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Lesson idea for geometric series: Loan Amortization!

Here’s a non-trivial application of the concept of geometric series with some actual context: calculating monthly payments on a mortgage. The question: You take out a loan for $50000 at an annual interest rate of 12%. If you want to … Continue reading

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Teacher fired from Art Institute (of California–OC) for not requiring an e-textbook… According to the articles above, at this school, owned by a for-profit company, the policy is that each teacher is supposed to assign students to “rent” an e-textbook for each course. Students are required to pay a specific … Continue reading

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Effects of repeating content in future courses

I continue to be impressed with Coursera, a provider of free online courses from an ever expanding number of big-name universities. I am lightly participating in several courses (and I am signed up for dozens more over the next several … Continue reading

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Is Algebra Necessary?

Andrew Hacker recently had an op-ed in the New York Times entitled Is Algebra Necessary?    His answer is “no” based on an argument that algebra is hard and that people who do poorly in algebra tend to drop out and … Continue reading

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