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The education system needs a seagull carrying a bucket of paint

There is a children’s book by Daniel Pinkwater called The Big Orange Splot. Though the author may not have intended it particularly in this way,  this is a book about education reform. A man named Mr. Plumbean lives on a … Continue reading

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A bad (article about a) study on success in math class

Scientific American just published this article (apparently syndicated by a company called LiveScience) which includes some questionable conclusions drawn from a questionable study about math success in school. The original study seems to be behind a paywall, so I haven’t … Continue reading

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What can we infer about City Year and TFA based on their different ad strategies?

During my recent journey home for winter break, I encountered advertisements for both City Year and Teach For America. I currently work with City Year and I had worked with TFA last year. On the public bus from my apartment … Continue reading

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Highlights from TFA blog

Here is my previous blog from my time as a Teach For America corps member: http://zacksg1.teachforus.org/ Some highlights: On Failing On Misbehavior Last Friday: craziest day ever…

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