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A bad (article about a) study on success in math class

Scientific American just published this article (apparently syndicated by a company called LiveScience) which includes some questionable conclusions drawn from a questionable study about math success in school. The original study seems to be behind a paywall, so I haven’t … Continue reading

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What can we infer about City Year and TFA based on their different ad strategies?

During my recent journey home for winter break, I encountered advertisements for both City Year and Teach For America. I currently work with City Year and I had worked with TFA last year. On the public bus from my apartment … Continue reading

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On Friday, when asked about the policy ramifications of that day’s elementary school shootings in Connecticut, White House spokesperson Jay Carney mentioned there would be “a day for discussion of the usual Washington policy debates, but I do not think … Continue reading

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A glaring example of misplaced priorities….

For two days next week, a teacher I work with has been assigned to proctor a test in the media center, so a sub has been scheduled to be in her classroom. The state of Florida seems to think it … Continue reading

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City Year (internally) published an essay of mine!

City Year’s national office has published an essay of mine! It is posted on CYconnect, City Year’s internal communication system. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be accessible by non-City Year people. If you do have a CYconnect login, the … Continue reading

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