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Just mimic the example in the book! That’s learning…right?

This is a picture of a page of the alegbra 1 textbook my school uses. The students are learning about linear equations. The book provides lots of worked out sample problems. What is frustrating about this book is that it … Continue reading

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False proxies are annoying False proxies are results that are easy to measure and appear on the surface to be related to actual success of a person, program, or organization. The idea is that the higher these measurements seem, the greater the success … Continue reading

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The importance of basic infrastructure, often taken for granted….

From the Chief Innovation Officer at the Acumen Fund: His house didn’t have power for 10 days after Sandy. “The core work of Acumen, where I work, is to support companies that provide basic goods and services – healthcare, … Continue reading

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Post City Year options (your input is wanted!)

My current position with City Year ends in June. I’m currently exploring post-City Year options, which City Year comically refers to as LACY (life after City Year). I have started collecting a (so far very incomplete) list of options for … Continue reading

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