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How I think about conflicts

When thinking about most conflicts, large or small, I find myself mentally organizing people’s responses to the conflict into particular rungs within this ladder (a personal model adapted from the work of the Arbinger Institute, Sustained Dialogue, and other sources)…. … Continue reading

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The economics of a gun buyback counter-protest

Gun buyback (and competing gun auction) Apparently, a church in Seattle organized a gun buy-back where they offered $50+ for people to turn in their guns. A pro-gun advocate staged a counter-initiative across the street. Apparently, he organized an … Continue reading

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On Friday, when asked about the policy ramifications of that day’s elementary school shootings in Connecticut, White House spokesperson Jay Carney mentioned there would be “a day for discussion of the usual Washington policy debates, but I do not think … Continue reading

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Must a leader be (perceived as being) full of certainty in order to be successful?

I read an article by Ron Elving about Paul Ryan’s VP nomination speech at the Republican convention. The piece includes the following: Ryan turns on conservatives with his incandescent devotion to a set of ideas. He is steeped in his … Continue reading

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