What I read

Inspired by The Atlantic Wire’s What I Read series that asks interesting people to describe their “media diets,” this page is a quick summary of the sources of news and commentary I encounter on a regular basis.

I post this since being explicit here about what sources I regularly partake in forces me to be more aware of how diverse (or un-diverse) these sources are. I’m a big fan of hearing multiple perspectives on something, but I often find myself inadvertently falling into a filter bubble of my own design.

Every day:

I read Google News several times per day. In addition to the national and international headlines, I also have Google News collect local news as well as any education-related news that has been published that day.

I listen to about 12 minutes of NPR on my commutes to and from work each day.

I have a Feedly (in place of Google Reader, may it rest in peace) to collect the the newest work from a wide variety of sources.

There are a number of writers for whom I use Feedly to read everything they post:

  • Dan Meyer, who currently has the strongest vision for improved math education of anyone I have ever read.
  • Seth Godin, who writes about entrepreneurship and business and who has recently become more outspoken about education and the education of innovative changemakers.
  • Clips from John Stewart’s The Daily Show (usually the day after they air on TV)
  • I look forward to Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, since there will be a new xkcd.
  • Nick Kristof‘s writing about international development.

I follow dozens of additional feeds and blogs on Feedly, but I don’t read all of the new stuff on all of these everyday.

I “like” the Facebook pages of scores of interesting people and organizations (at last check, I was up to about 300, some of which aren’t very active) and I read many articles posted by them and by other Facebook friends each day. Some notable ones I tend to enjoy the most: Ashoka (and it’s offshoots related to empathy and changemaker education in college and high school), Brain Pickings, I fucking love science, and a WIDE variety of education reform pages (from TFA/Michelle Rhee’s Students First to Sir Ken Robinson to the NEA to a bunch of teachers opposing testing/NCLB/Race to the Top and everything in between).

Pretty frequently (at least weekly):

I watch as many TED talks as I can.

I’m usually participating in several Coursera courses.

Audio Podcasts (while working out and during long car trips):

Slate Political Gabfest, Freakonomics, This American Life, Intelligence Squared (“Oxford-style debates on America’s shores”), Storycorps, and few other smaller ones.

Recent Books:

The Billionaire Who Wasn’t by Conor O’Clery

Leadership Without Easy Answers by Ronald Heifetz

Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich

One Response to What I read

  1. Israel P. says:

    Try following @numberphile. That will lead to a few interesting things. (Also allmyforeparents.blogspot.com )

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